Essay Sample 52

TV advertisements aimed at children should be banned. Do you agree?

   In this Modern world, it is a well-known fact that advertisements have a great impact on consumer behaviour. Adverts play an important role in shaping and manipulating people. Today, there is an intense debate on whether TV commercials should be banned or not. It seems to me that there are several reasons why adds should not be allowed including inappropriate content for children and forcing people to purchase what they do not need to possess.

   To begin with, the first reason why adds ought to be banned is that it contains a lot of inappropriate images and texts. In other words, most of the TV ads have nudity or the images which are not proper for children. The children who are exposed to such kind content are likely to be adversely affected. Moreover, when children are exposed to nudity or what they should not hear or see, they can be manipulated in terms of their manners and attitudes. Therefore, it can be said that TV advertisements have a detrimental impact on children.

    Another reason why TV ads targeting children should be restricted is that they manipulate people to buy goods they do not need. According to recent research, watching TV comprises an important part of human life.  This also influences people’s attitude especially children’s. The children watching these adds may want to possess what they see. It is a fact that every parent wants to make their children’s wishes come true but sometimes it cannot be possible. When they do not have enough money, they can’t afford to buy whatever they want. This makes both children and their family unhappy. Wanting to buy something which is unnecessary is wasting money. Therefore, it can be easily seen that adds have harmful effects on children.

    All in all, today watching TV adverts is inevitable and they have a great impact on consumer behaviour. Among many reasons why TV adds ought to be banned, containing inappropriate contents and forcing people to buy something unnecessary are the most common ones. Although adds enable us to be updated about products, I believe that authorities should control and limit the ads aimed at children.      

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Written by Didem (Bahçeşehir University)