Essay Writing Sample 15 - Not only governments but also individuals should take responsibility for the protection of the environment.

Not only governments but also individuals should take responsibility for the protection of the environment. Do you agree?


      The world’s population is increasing and cities are getting bigger and bigger. Despite all the comfort which we have in the modern world, pollution is the biggest problem that we are facing now.  Almost every country suffers from different kinds of pollution. The most important ones are air, land, and water pollution. We shouldn’t expect only the governments to solve this problem because every individual can do something to help protect the environment. There are several ways in which we can reduce air pollution, land pollution and save energy.

      One of the biggest problems of the 21st century is air pollution. It affects our health hazardously. There are a lot of ways to solve this problem. For example, cars are the main source of air pollution in cities. The exhaust gas from vehicles pollutes the air. If we use public transportation more often, there will be fewer exhaust gases in the air. Moreover, we burn fossil fuels in order to heat our houses. Coal releases dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Instead of burning coal, we should use natural gas which is safer than coal.  As a result, every person can make a difference.

      Another environmental problem is land pollution. We see lots of garbage in the streets. If we create less garbage, there will be fewer land pollution. Recycling is a very good way to create less garbage. Everyone should recycle papers, cans, and plastics which pollute the environment.

      Last but not least, saving energy is another way to save the environment.In order to produce energy, power plants pollute the environment. If we use less electricity, we can protect the environment. Not leaving the lights on, not wasting water, heating our houses at a moderate temperature are some of the good ways to save energy.

     In conclusion, not only governments but also individuals are responsible to save the environment. There are so many ways to protect nature.


Approximately 326 words / Written by Almira (Kadir Has Üniversitesi)

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