Essay Writing Sample 20 - The media should be more strictly controlled

Some people believe that the media, such as the press, TV and Internet should be more strictly controlled. Others feel that controls should be loosened to give people freer access to information.

Do you agree or disagree?


  • Media sometimes distort the reality of events and issues
  • Media sometimes falsify news to attract more readers, viewers and browsers.
  • Governments can constantly monitor society
  • Governments can gag the press
  • Governments can propagate some certain ideas far more easily and widely
  • Governments can avoid chaos and disorder in society
  • Governments can preserve morals and social order



  • Society needs satisfactory level of freedom
  • Censorship can prevent creativity
  • It is vital for people to access to information and to be in touch with what is happening all around the World
  • Censorship can destroy the vitality of an open society
  • Censorship violates the rights to express and receive ideas
  • Society are exposed to only some certain things


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