Paragraph Writing Sample 11- Why is choosing friends so important?

Paragraph Writing Sample 15 - Why is choosing friends so important?   


Positive points:

  • Good communication
  • Sharing our problems.
  • Friends can find solutions to our problems.
  • Good friends have a positive effect on our psychology.

Negative points: 

  • Friends can mislead us. 


    Choosing friends affects our life in several aspects, including our communication ability, personality and dealing with bad habits. First of all, a good friendship is necessary for a good communication. Thanks to our friends, we can share not only our opinions and but also our problems with our friends. They can help us in many aspects. By communicating with friends, people can find solutions to our problems. In other words, good friends always have some solutions for our problems. Moreover, a good communication has some benefits on our psychology. By communicating with our friends, psychologically we can feel much better. This means, when we communicate with our friends and spend our time with others, we feel much happier. Friends have a positive effect on our psychology. Another reason why having friends is important is the fact that friends can either lead us to have bad habits or help us avoid and get rid of them. If we choose wrong friends, they can mislead us to harmful environments and consequently, they can make us addicted to bad habits such as gambling and drinking. Briefly, friends can change our personality easily so we should be careful when we choose our friends. 

Approximately 190 words / written by Ata ( Bilgi Üniversitesi)

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