Paragraph Writing Sample 12 - How can students benefit from the internet?


Suggested ideas for this topic:

  • instant access to information 
  • obtain information easily
  • online education
  • connecting with friends
  • assignment help
  • play online games
  • a tool for socializing

Students can benefit from the internet in many ways. First of all, in their school life, teachers can give homework and students sometimes need to do research about any person’s life or any historical places. They can turn on their computers and write on Google what they want to learn.  It’s easy to get information from the internet.  Also, students can use the internet to increase their grades. There are a lot of websites which students can use. For example, if a student has problems on Math, she can write the subjects’ name on google and then she easily access all videos or notes about it.  Moreover, it is helpful for parents, too.  They can save their money because their children don't need to go to any courses for maths or any other subjects. Finally, students can use the internet to have fun. They can play online games. These online games help children to find friends.  If he is afraid of speaking with others, he will solve this problem by speaking with people on the net. Briefly, the internet is very important for children’s education.  It affects children’s life positively in many ways. 


Approximately 190 Words / Written by Buse (Kadir Has Üniversitesi)


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