Paragraph Writing Sample 13 - Why do people move to big cities?


Suggested ideas for this topic: 

  • better job opportunities
  • better education facilities
  • better healthcare
  • better shopping facilities
  • better transportation

Big cities have many advantages for people, so lots of people prefer living in big cities. First of all, by moving to big cities, you can go shopping easily because there are lots of shopping malls which are interesting and modern in big cities. In addition, shopping malls provide extraordinary facilities. For example, if you want to eat something, you can find different fast food restaurants which cook delicious foods. If you want to have fun, you can play bowling and go to the cinema. So many people feel happy when they go to shopping malls. Secondly, if you move to big cities you can access to many modern hospitals because big cities have lots of new modern hospitals. Also, new hospitals have advanced technological gadgets so that the patient can benefit from this technology. Finally, big cities have many educational opportunities. There are lots of both private and state universities and schools in big cities. Although classrooms are more crowded, these schools offer a better education. Therefore, many students prefer big cities in order to get a better education. All in all, by moving to big cities, you can do many things. People who move to big cities are happier than people who live in small towns.


Approximately 200 words / Written by Engin (Yeditepe Üniversitesi) 

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