Paragraph Writing Sample 14 - What are the effects of traffic congestion in big cities?


Suggested ideas for this topic: 

  • delays
  • stress
  • tiredness
  • frustrating time (sinir bozucu zaman)
  • frustrated drivers (bıkkın ve sinirli sürücüler)
  • road rage  (öfke)
  • increasing fuel consumption costs (artan yakıt tüketim masrafları)
  • increasing amount of CO2 emission (artan CO2 emisyon miktarı)
  • increasing air pollution


There are lots of vehicles everywhere and the number of cars in big cities is increasing. This causes serious traffic congestion. Traffic congestion can have some negative effects not only on drivers but also on the people who live in cities. First of all, due to traffic jams, lots of people are late to their work. Therefore, they can’t start their work on time. For example, the people who work for big companies can be late. When people can't finish their job on time, they have to stay in their office longer. This limits their free time so they feel unhappy.  Secondly, the cars which are stuck in traffic jams cause air pollution. This air pollution has negative effects not only on nature but also on people who live in cities. Air pollution causes serious health problems. Finally, traffic congestion causes people to feel angry so some people can make dangerous things. To give an example, they can argue and fight with other drivers in traffic jams. Briefly, traffic congestion has negative effects on people's psychology.  

Approximately 170 words / Written by Engin (Yeditepe Üniversitesi)

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