paragraph Writing Sample 3 - How can students improve their foreign language?



  • Online programs / Distance learning programs
  • Internet - Youtube
  • Travelling
  • Reading
  • Watching films with English subtitles
  • Keeping journals


Write a paragraph (minimum 150 words)

Sample 1: 

   Speaking a foreign language is important and necessary for the student’s future. Students can improve their foreign language particularly English in several ways. Firstly, when students want to learn a foreign language, they can surf on some websites. For example, they can use online dictionaries. Using an online dictionary helps students to expand their vocabulary. For example, the students who prefer using online English dictionaries have a better vocabulary. Another way is watching youtube videos. The students who are learning a foreign language especially English can watch an American film, listen to an English song on youtube because watching a foreign film or listen to a song is beneficial for your listening skills. Finally, by going abroad, students can improve their speaking skill. When students go abroad they can meet a lot of new people so they can learn about different cultures. Experiencing different cultures has positive effects on students' personality. Briefly, students can learn and improve their foreign language in several ways. 

Approximately 150 words / Written by Duygu (Bilgi Üniversitesi)


Sample 2: 

    Today, a foreign language is an inevitable part of business life because we need it everywhere including job interview, higher education and business trips. There are several ways to learn and improve a foreign language such as reading books, going abroad, keeping a journal.  The first way is reading books. Reading books can improve your vocabulary. This means you can learn new vocabulary. This helps students to speak and write better. Another way is going abroad. Going abroad can help students to learn a new culture. Students can meet new friends. By speaking with them, they can improve their foreign language. Thus, they can speak fluently.  Finally, keeping a journal can improve student’s writing skills. Improving writing skills make students write complex sentences. This improves their language proficiency. In short, students can find different ways to improve their foreign language.   

Approximately 150 words / Written by Özlem ( Kadir Has Üniversitesi) 


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