Paragraph Writing Sample 6 - Why do couples get divorced?



Ideas suggested for this topic: 

  • Financial issues
  • Unemployment
  • Domestic violence
  • Adultery
  • Changing personalities


  The number of divorced couples is increasing for several reasons. The first reason why do couples get divorced is financial difficulties. some couples can't earn enough to meet their basic needs. In addition, because of economic crises, many people are unemployed. This type of problems leads couples to argue because they don’t have money adequately for getting on well. As a consequence, these couples take a decision to divorce. In short, financial difficulty is a significant cause for getting divorced. Another reason is domestic violence. There are many couples who get divorced because of their partner's aggressive behaviours. To give an example, the number of Turkish women who are exposed to violence is increasing. The final reason is adultery. In other words, when they have a relationship with another person, they decide to finish their marriage. A recent study indicates that adultery is the most important reason to get divorced. To sum up, among couples, there are plenty of primary reasons for divorce. These are economical challenging, domestic violence and adultery. 

Approximately 171 words / written by Ata (Bilgi Üniversitesi)



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