residential area: yerleşim bölgesi, mesken bölgesi

residential district: yerleşim bölgesi, mesken bölgesi

industrial area: endüstri bölgesi

commercial district: Ticaret bölgesi

financial district: banka ve finans kuruluşlarının yoğun bulunduğu semt

shopping district: alışveriş bölgesi, çarşı pazar

bussiness district: iş bölgesi

surrounding area: çevre bölge

surrounding district: çevre bölge 

outlying districts: uzak bölge / dış mahalleler

  • a new railway station to help people commuting from outlying districts.

outlying suburbs: uzak banliyöler

  • Avcılar used to be one of the outlying suburbs in Istanbul.

central district: 

  • Every city has its central business district

coastal area: kıyı bölgesi

conservation area: koruma alanı

deprived area/neighbourhood: Yoksun mahalle

  • People living in socially deprived areas have worse outcomes and life chances than those who do not.   

rural area: kırsal alan

urban area: kentsel alan

inner-city area: şehir içi alanı

metropolitan area: anakent alanı

poor area: fakir bölge

  • Cities have rich and poor areas.

local cuisine: yöre mutfağı

ethnic neighbourhood: etnik mahalle

neighbouring district: çevre bölge

affluent district: zengin semt

exclusive district: seçkin bölge

rich district: zengin bölge

wealthy district: zengin mahalle

working-class district: işçi sınıfı bölgesi

unique architecture: benzersiz mimari

distinctive architecture: ayırt edici mimari

sprawling city: spreading out over a large area in an untidy or irregular way - düzensiz bir şekilde yayılan şehir

  • Istanbul is a vast, sprawling city.

built-up area: a built-up area has a lot of buildings and not many open spaces

  • In built-up areas, the problem is cars and street lights.

imposing local buildings: visually impressive buildings

lively:  full of life and energy; active and outgoing.

overcrowded cities: overpopulated cities


Other words:

slum: gecekondu 

shack: gecekondu

  •  the shacks in the poorest districts of the city offer an affordable alternative for shelter for many low-income households who can not afford to purchase or rent formal housing.









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