to create stress

Putting some personal items can create a stress-free work environment.

to relieve stress: to reduce stress 

to be under stress

to experience stress: to suffer from stress

to manage stress: to keep something under control 

to cope with stressto deal with problems and try to find a solution 

to cope with, to deal with :  başa çıkmak, halletmek, altından kalkmak

How do you cope with stress?


to adapt to stressful conditions 

to manage the stressful conditions

stressor (n): a source or cause of stress 

Work, expenditures, and difficult relationships are common stressors.

stress factors

acute stress

high emotional stress

severe stress

extreme stress

excessive stress

daily stress

mental stress

psychological stress

social stress

financial stress

the connection between stress and weight gain

the link between stress and heart diseases

stress management techniques

comfort food: food that you eat when you are feeling stressed or depressed, usually unhealthy food

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food.

deep anxiety (n):  derin endişe, kaygı

anxious (adj): endişeli, kaygılı

a high-pressure job 

bear/carry/shoulder the burdenbe responsible for something

a heavy/great burden: ağr/büyük bir yük

Looking after elderly relatives can be a heavy burden

an intolerable burden: very hard to bear/ dayanılmaz bir yük

the burden of responsibility

under duress: If you do something under duress, you do it because someone is forcing you to. / baskı altında

exhaustion: extreme tiredness  / bitkinlik, tükenmişlik

nervous exhaustion: mental breakdown / zihinsel çöküntü

fatigue: exhaustion / tükenme

eustress: stress experienced in positive situations such as marriage or having a baby

distress: stressed experienced in negative situations e.g.death of a family membersıkıntı

acute financial distress

financial hardship: financial difficulties/ parasal sıkıntı

to reduce/relieve/ease tension: gerginliği azaltmak

Exercise is the ideal way to relieve tension after a hard day.

anguish: mental or physical suffering caused by extreme pain or worry 

angst (n): a strong feeling of worry and unhappiness / aşırı endişe ve mutsuzluk 

considerable difficulty

enormous difficulty

serious difficulty

severe difficulty

insurmountable difficulty

increasing difficulty

economic difficulty

financial difficulty

practical difficulty

technical Difficulty

behavioural difficulty

emotional difficulty

learning Difficulty 

suffer from insomnia

physical/mental endurancethe ability to continue doing something difficult or painful over a long period of time

show / have endurance

build up endurance (verb+noun)

beyond endurance (prep+noun)

the limits of endurance

a feat of endurance

under (no) compulsion to do somethingbir şeyi yapma zorunda olmamak

cause/create a disturbance: to cause trouble / rahatsızlık yaratmak

(extremely/highly) resilient (adj): able to improve quickly after being hurt or being ill / çabuk iyileşen, toparlayan

financial constraint: financial limits/ parasal sınırlama 

die from boredom 

go mad with boredom

a high/low level of boredom threshold


physical exertion: a lot of physical effort / fiziksel çaba

mental exertion: a lot of mental effort / zihinsel çaba

health disorder(n): health problem

psychological state

burnout (n): extreme tiredness, usually caused by working too much / bitik, tükenmiş

stress level

signs/symptoms of stress 

effects of stress

stress and strains: ( a lot of different worries that are caused by something) 

The stresses and strains of everyday life

strain (n): a feeling of being worried and nervous about something

Financial problems can put a tremendous strain on the marriage.

to put a strain on somebody (v): to cause problems for someone and to make a situation difficult

to Strain (v): to cause problems for a situation or a relationship / sorunlara neden olmak

The recent political incidents in Syria have strained relations between Turkey and the United States.






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