1. Why is English hard to learn at the university level?

2. What are the benefits of learning a second language?

3. What are the advantages of living in a foreign country?

4. How can the internet be a helpful tool when learning a foreign language?

5. To what extent do you agree that it's better to learn a language as a child? Why/ Why not?

6. Is the classroom the best place to learn a language? Why/why not?

7. What personal qualities do you need to be an effective language learner?

8. What tools can help you learn a foreign language?

9. What do you find most difficult to learn in English?

10. How can people improve their language skills?

11. What do you think of the way foreign languages are taught in school?

12. Do you think it's ever possible to speak a language like a native?

13. How is your personality different when you speak another language? 

14. Are some languages more beautiful to listen to than others? If so which?

15. Are there any languages that you really don't like the sound of? Why?

16. Do you think that age affects a person's ability to learn a new language?