1. What sports do you like?
  2. Are you good at sports? What sports are you good at?  Do you often play sports?
  3. Do you think athletes earn enough money, not enough money, or too much money?
  4. Do you think playing sports helps people work better as a team at work?
  5. Which sport would you not let your child play? Why?
  6. Why do so many people like sport?
  7. Why are some people not interested in sport?
  8. Do you think sports stars should be paid such high salaries? Why?/Why not?
  9. What are the benefits of doing sport?
  10. The number of people doing sport is relatively low. What are the main reasons?
  11. What do most people do to keep fit in your country?

    How important is it for people to do some regular physical exercise?


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