What is the difference between affect and effect?

Affect (etkilemek) is a verb.

Smoking affects your health.

Children are greatly affected by the divorce of their parents.

The economy of Turkey has been affected a great deal by the Syrian war.


Effect (etki) is a noun.

Parents divorce has a big effect on children.

Small companies are the ones that will feel the effect of the economic recession first.



  • have an effect on something/somebody
  • have the effect of doing something
  • produce an effect
  • feel an effect
  • lessen/ reduce an effect
  • an effect lasts (continues)
  • big/ significant / substantial effect (quite big)
  • profound/ powerful effect
  • immediate effect
  • positive/ beneficial effect
  • harmful/ damaging effect
  • the adverse effects (the bad effects)
  • the long-term/short-term effect
  • the desired effect





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