What is the difference between Game/ Match?

Game/ Match


Although game and match have the same meaning, they are used slightly differently.

Match is only used after the name of the sport, while game is usually used in the phrase a game of:

A football match = a game of football



  • a computer/video game
  • a card/board/ball game
  • a team game
  • a basketball/baseball etc game
  • a home/ an away game
  • a league/cup game
  • a playoff game
  • an indoor/ outdoor game


  • a great/brilliant match
  • an exciting match
  • a tough match
  • a close match ( each team playing well)
  • an important/ crucial match
  • a big match
  • a football/tennis match
  • a home/away match
  • a live match
  • a friendly match
  • a qualifying match
  • a semi-final match






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