Essay Writing Sample 16 - Spots professionals deserve too much.

Some sports and film celebrities earn too much money than they deserve. Do you agree? 


Main question: Do sports professionals and film celebrities deserve the money which they earn? 



Sample Essay 1:

Essay Type: Opinion Essay


            Sports and films have become an essential part of the entertainment business. Many young people dream of becoming a famous football player or an actor/actress because they see a wealthy and attractive life on screen. Almost all actors and famous top sports players earn millions of dollars. Some people think that they earn too much than they deserve. In my opinion, the money they earn is fair.

           One of the main reasons why I think it is fair for celebrities to earn too much money is that they represent their country. In sports competitions and in film industry every country wants to get the top positions because these are a great way to advertise their country. For example, in Olympics and in the world cups, professional sports players do their best to get a medal in the name of their country. When they achieve this, they should not only be awarded spiritually but they should be rewarded financially. Another example is the film industry. Some governments even pay film producers to make movies about their country just to attract tourists. It is the best way to advertise the country. That is why producers and actors deserve the amount of money they earn.

          On the other hand, some people claim that sports people’s and actors’ lives are too easy. They just score a goal in a match or they act in a one-hour film and earn millions of dollars. However, this is not the case. They also have a very difficult life. Sports professionals have to train hard. They have to be careful about what they eat, where they go, even what time they go to bed. It is not just the game but they have to have a very strict lifestyle to be successful. In addition, it is well-known that their career doesn’t last long. They can only play for a short time. Moreover, to be successful in a movie, actors should also practice and devote their lives to acting. As a result, the money that they earn is not too much compared to the sacrifices they have to make.

          To sum up, not every football player or every actor earns too much money. The ones that they do work too much and therefore deserve the money.


Approximately 370 words / Written by Erdem K. (Özyeğin Üniversitesi) 


"This is not the case.": Durum böyle değil.



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