1. Why are college tuitions for private schools and universities so high in Turkey?

2. What are the qualities of a good student/good teacher?

3. What do you think about the university entrance exam in Turkey? 

4. Should everyone have access to free education? Why?/ Why not?

5. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of state schools are?

6. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of private schools are?

7. How important do you think education is?

8. What do you think about online education?

9. Is a good education essential to be successful and to earn a lot of money?

10. How has education changed in your country in the last 10 years?

11. What changes do you foresee in education in the following 50 years?

12. What method of learning works best for you?

13. How beneficial do you think it is to group students according to their level of ability?

14. How do the expectations of today’s students compare with those of the previous generation?

15. Are there other ways people can learn about history, apart from at school? How?

16. How can the type of school you go to affect your career success?

17. Do you think that too much is sometimes expected from school children?

18. What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future?

19. What do you think the purposes of education are?

20. Which subjects do you consider to be the most important? why?

21. Can you think of a teacher who made a difference in your life?

22. Why do some young people dislike school?

23. What is your opinion of university education in your country?


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