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Nowadays, more and more foreign students are coming to Tukey to pursue higher education.  It is believed that the main reason is the inexpensive and quality education in Turkey. Do you agree? 

Generated ideas for this topic:


  • Better education opportunities
  • Better facilities
  • Better lecturers


  • Political reasons - to escape political persecution or war
  • Better job opportunities
  • social reasons - for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends

 Essay Type: Opinion Essay

        It is a well-known fact that today education has an essential place. Students are required to attend successful schools in order to obtain decent education opportunities. Today so many students are coming to Turkey to pursue higher education. Some people claim that they prefer studying in Turkey due to political reasons and better job opportunities. However, it seems to me that overseas students choose Turkey as they have two main reasons, including better education opportunities and better facilities.

       The first reason why students are coming to Turkey to pursue higher education is better education opportunities. That is, students whose country cannot provide adequate educational opportunities tend to study abroad as a successful education is required for a bright future. For instance, since a large number of African students cannot receive adequate education in their own countries, they come to Turkey for its better opportunities. In addition, Turkish universities organize many conferences and invite many experts in various fields so students can benefit from their experiences. If these students did not come to Turkey, they would not benefit from these opportunities.

       Another important reason is the existence of better facilities. If one country aims to have well-educated individuals, they should improve their educational facilities. students studying in Turkey can always access universities with modern facilities. For instance, some state universities including Boğaziçi, İTÜ, ODTÜ have a big campus with rich libraries and well-equipped buildings. That is why so many foreign students come to Turkey to study. Moreover, students studying at Turkish universities are able to access social activities organized by university students in social facilities at universities. 

        In conclusion, almost all students want to go to universities which have many advantages. As some countries don’t have adequate educational opportunities and facilities, students living in these countries search for opportunities to study in countries with better education opportunities. Turkey is one of these countries. I do believe that Turkey is going to be one of the leading countries in education soon.


384 words / Written by Bahadır G.( Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi)

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