Essay Writing Sample 12 - Not everything we learn contain in books.

The Knowledge we gain from experience is more necessary than the knowledge we gain from books. To what extent do you agree? 

 Idea Generation for this Essay:

In favour of Books:

  • Books are the primary source of knowledge and by reading books, we can enhance our horizon
  • Books can provide important subjects which we need for our life, like science, nature, or health.
  • Without reading books, we can't become wise enough to gather the right experience and lessons in our life.
  • Books provide us with theoretical knowledge.
  • Books increase our abstract thinking.
  • Books improve our self-confidence.
  • Books can help us to become successful businesspersons than those who just rely on their experience.
  • Books contain the experience gained by many generations.  


In favour of Practical Experience:

  • Without experiencing things we cannot learn how to deal with difficulties.  
  • Our experiences give us firsthand knowledge.
  • Practice teaches us to have a more deep understanding,
  • Theories learned from books are often pointless if you cannot use them in your life.
  • Most important lessons in life can't be taught. You should experience it.
  • The theory we learn from books can be forgotten if we do not use them in real life.
  • By having more practice, we will become more flexible to critical conditions.
  • Experience helps us to become more socially active. We can meet more people by practising more.

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   I am sharing the points above to help you create and generate your own ideas. In the comment section, you can add any points which I have missed.

Essay Type: Compare / contrast - Opinion ( Give reasons)


        Since the emergence of humankind, people tried to improve themselves by gaining new knowledge. Nowadays, this situation is a bit different. According to recent research, the rate of reading the encyclopedia is reducing day by day. It is a controversial issue whether gaining practical experience is essential rather than reading books. While some people believe that knowledge gained from experience is more beneficial, others claim that information gained from books is more effective. It seems to me that, knowledge gained from experience is more beneficial than the one gained from books due to some reasons.

             First and foremost, although we can access a large amount of information by reading books which contain the experiences of others, our personal experiences are always more effective than others. Our personal experience always teaches us more. By making mistakes, we can learn more. This kind of experience provides more effective information than reading books which is full of others’ experiences.  That’s why the experience we gain is so essential because if we can use the information we learn, we can gain more other experiences. As a consequence, we can be more advantageous than others. To give an example, a basketball player can learn the necessary tactics but unless he plays in a match and adopts these tactics, he can achieve nothing.

             Another reason is socialization. While many people can memorize a large amount of knowledge from books, they always need to socialize with others. Meeting different people and talk about what they have learned can teach them more. By talking about one issue, they can think about the point which they have not realized before. In addition, others can have both adequate knowledge and life experience which can be beneficial for us. These people can contribute to others by telling their own life experience.

             To sum up, we need the information to achieve our goals. Obtaining information from our own experiences is always more efficient. By gaining experiences, we can socialize and practise what we learn.


 Approximately 332 words / Written by Erdem E. (Özyeğin üniversitesi)








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