Essay Writing sample 13 - Education system is the only crucial factor to the development of a country

It is believed that the government should only give importance to the education system so that they can develop their country. Do you agree or disagree? 

Essay Type: For and Against

      Today education has an important place in our modern life. Today the number of people receiving higher education has been doubled in the last 3 decades. It is believed that education is vital for a better future. However, there are more other crucial factors that the government and society should consider.

      To begin with, there is no doubt that education is essential in the development of a country due to its role in helping people to have a better mental ability. The more people read the better understanding they have. They can understand people better and They can think better.  If people can think better, they can achieve business skills easily in their Professional career. No one can deny the fact that people receiving a better education have better cognitive skills. Therefore, they can improve themselves better. According to recent research, children who receive proper pre-school education are more successful in their later education That’s why governments should give importance to education for a better generation.

        On the other hand, there are other crucial factors that should be considered. The Healthcare system is one of them. Countries that have a good healthcare system have healthier and happier individuals which affect the productivity of the labours. Another vital factor is technology as it has a significant role. The better technology the county has the better and more productive industry and agriculture it would have. As a consequence, the country would have a better economy. The economy is the most important factor contributing governments to show their power and maintain their dominance over other countries.  

      To sum up, the countries’ number one priority should be to give importance to the education system. However, it is not sufficient for the development of the country. The government must invest in technology and the healthcare system. Also, it must find ways to enhance its economy.  


Approximately 300 words / Written by Akay (Bilgi Üniversitesi)






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