Essay Writing Sample 14 - We are sharing too much information on social media



        Since the advent of the internet, our social lives have gone through a dramatic change. The first effect of the Internet was that it has eased the access of information tremendously. However, some people are not aware of the fact that we are now using the Internet not just for looking for information but for sharing information. Some people claim that we share too much information and this might pose some threat to our lives.

        To begin with, we share our personal information because we want the people we love to know what’s happening in our lives as not everyone lives close to their friends and relatives, some people have families in other towns, even in other countries. When we have a special happy moment we want to share. Another reason to share is our innate need to be acknowledged. Some people share their ideas and opinions just to feel that they are not alone. The number of likes and shares mean a lot to many people. No one can deny that there are also some people who share everything just to show off. They post where they go, what they eat, what they buy in order to prove that they are somehow cooler than others.

        Additionally, the information we share can inevitably result in some unwanted events. Reports suggest that cybercrime is on the rise. Every day we hear or read news about how people got hacked. Sharing too much personal information on social websites makes us vulnerable against cyber crimes. If an example to be given, banks usually ask us some questions like the name of your father or your mother’s maiden surname just to prove your identity before confirming a transaction. Your facebook account can easily reveal your father’s name or if you have cousins from your mother’s side thieves can get your mother’s maiden surname. This is just one possible scenario of a well-planned cyber bank robbery of your account.

          To put it into a nutshell, we might share information for good reasons but if we are not careful enough we might find ourselves in the middle of trouble just because we share. Using social media is a good tool to keep in touch with people living away from us but it is wise not to share everything about us. 


Approximately 406 words / Written by Ece (İTÜ)

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