Essay Writing Sample 8 - Social media sites have changed our lifestyle.

Essay Writing Sample 8 

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed our lifestyle negatively. Do you agree?

     It is a well-known fact that internet technology has changed our life completely. Social media has become an essential part of our life. Plenty of people have more than one social media accounts such as InstagramSnapchat, Swarm and Twitter. They can share everything. Some experts believe that social media sites have affected our lives negatively. However, it seems to me that social media sites have changed our life positively. There are two major reasons why social media sites have altered our lifestyle positively.

      To begin with, Social media sites have changed how we socialize. Thanks to advanced technology, we can access our social accounts easily and communicate with others wherever we are and whenever we want. We can share any photos and start to chat with others. This kind of applications help us socialize with people we do not know easier. Moreover, by using social media sites, we can make new friends. Today, it is much easier to find people with the same interest although they live in a different country. 

     Another reason why social media sites have shifted our life positively is their impact on business. Today many companies have social media accounts and they can use them for various purposes like finding new employees. For instance, companies can search and find the employee for the position which they need by checking Linkedin which is a popular social site among businesspeople. In addition, companies can run an advertising campaign via social media. By making viral videos, they can increase the sale of their products. As a result, companies can improve their business by using social media sites.

   To sum up, social media sites have changed not only our social life but also our business life positively. By using social media sites we can connect with others. Social media sites make our social and business life easier.

Approximately 300 words / written by Ata (Bilgi University)


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