Essay Writing Sample 7 - Living in a dormitory or renting your own house?

Living in a dormitory or renting your own house? Which one is the best way for accommodation for university students who are away from their families?


     In today’s world, most students prefer continuing their education after high school. When it comes to choosing a suitable university, the location can be a problem for students and families. Every year many students have to move away from their families to get a higher education. The first issue which they face is the accommodation options. Some students stay in dormitories whereas some rent their own houses. In my opinion staying in a dormitory has a lot of advantages for a university student.

     To begin with, one of the most significant advantages of dormitories is the social environment that they provide. In a dormitory, there are other university students so it is easier to meet new friends and socialize with classmates.  On the other hand, if a student rents a house he/she will not be able to meet and make new friends all the time. Therefore, it is better for a student to stay in a dormitory.

       Another reason why school dorms are better than renting a house is security.  Families are usually concerned about their children’s well-being when they move to another city.  Especially when they rent a house by themselves, security can be a problem.  In a dormitory, there is usually security staff working 24 hours a day. Parents never need to worry about their children.  As a result, dormitories are the better choice of accommodation for students.

      The last but not least, students should prefer dormitories because they can minimize the cost.  Renting a house has a lot of other expenses. The student would need to pay at least three bills; electricity, water and heating.  Other expenses include the telephone, internet. Dormitories usually offer these services for one single fee.  In addition, students generally share rooms in dormitories so the living cost is low.  For these reasons, it is economically beneficial to stay in a dormitory.

         To sum up, the advantages of living in a dormitory outweighs the advantages of renting a house.  When students move to another city they should consider staying in a dormitory for their own benefit.


Approximately 330 words / Written by Deniz (İTÜ)


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